Intentional Influential Leadership with Dr. Yanina Gomez

About Dr. Yanina Gomez

I am Dr. A. Yanina Gomez, Mindset & Emotional Wellness Strategist/Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. I obtained my Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Educational Psychology in 2009. For over 10 years, I practiced as a school psychologist and led teams composed of experts in various related fields. In 2013, I became a Lecturer at a local university and taught Master’s level courses in psychology, statistics, assessment and counseling.

I left higher education in 2014 to manage 33 Contemporary Gallery owned by my husband Sergio and I. In January, 2015, we founded Art NXT Level, a membership-based professional and wellness development platform for artists to strategize, grow, network and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As part of my academic training, I was required to complete a one-year internship. As you can imagine, I was fired up and excited about this internship program. I was the closest I could be to the finish line! This was the final step I needed to getting my license to practice as a Psychologist. You can imagine how thrilled I was! In my internship, I had two supervisors. Interestingly enough, one was very caring and nurturing and the other one was very harsh and insensitive. Somehow, he thought, demonstrating uncaring behavior will toughen me up. I remember working very hard for my caring supervisor. I admired and respected her very much. I enjoyed listening to her advice. I was always there before she arrived and would willingly stay after hours to help her catch up with her work even though I was not required to do this. I wanted to do my best to impress her and looked forward to working with her every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Wednesdays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays was a different story. Those were the days I worked with my insensitive supervisor. Oh, how much I dreaded those days! Why? Because I dislike this supervisor very much and didn't want to be near him. I only did what he asked me to do, didn't ask many questions and would never volunteer to go the extra mile for him. From the moment I arrived at any of the sites he oversaw, my 'bad mood' mode was triggered and I was ready to head back home. I was gone by 3:45pm and never stayed a minute later. He probably thought I was a crabby lady! 

One thing I've learned about my experience with my internship supervisors is that people give the least they can get away with when leaders don't show interest or compassion toward them. On the other hand, when leaders demonstrate that they truly care and have their best interest in mind, people will go the extra mile to impress and please them even if they have to sacrifice something. 

"Is your team giving you the least they can get away with or are they fired up and fully engaged at work?"

As a Leadership Consultant, I truly believe that when managers see themselves as intentional influential leaders, they not only master fundamental principles of management, workflow or organizational skills but, most importantly, they are intentional about developing authentic relationships with their team members by empowering emotions and actions that lead to mutual respect, engagement and loyalty. 

As a Mindset and Emotional Wellness Strategist, I love teaching individuals about the value of caring and nurturing our Self (mind, body and soul) so we can experience a fulfilling and productive life. I also enjoy teaching practical strategies to cultivate a stronger and healthier mindset and emotional wellness which I do through my Wellness Talks. Finally, I facilitate Mindset-Reset individual sessions for professional women and women entrepreneurs. In these sessions, I teach strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, experience clarity and awaken one’s confidence. Click here to learn more about these sessions.

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