Intentional Influential Leadership with Dr. Yanina Gomez


Dr. Yanina Gomez is a Mindset/Emotional Wellness & Parenting Expert. She has a Doctorate degree in Psychology (Ph.D.). Dr. Yanina began her career as a school psychologist helping parents raise their children in a healthier way and working with children from pre-school to high school. Her career has evolved throughout the years and presently helps parents connect, discipline and raise confident, independent and mindful adults.  

In her blog, Dr. Yanina shares advice to help parents address issues in discipline, mood changes, behavior and attitude, social media, and more (read here). She also shares tips and strategies for women wanting to live a mindful, intentional and purposeful life (read here).  

As a mindset and emotional wellness expert, Dr. Yanina offers individual coaching and workshops to help women overcome limiting beliefs, fears and lack of confidence that are preventing them from taking that BIG step in their life/career and experience greater success and personal growth. She also facilitates wellness talks for audiences interested in living a healthier, happier and fulfilling life. Her topics are stress management, overcoming mindset blocks (a.k.a. limiting beliefs), strengthening your inner-confidence and adopting a healthier mindset that leads to success.  

Dr. Yanina is a wife and a mother of a teen son who plays the piano and trumpet, has been playing soccer since he was 5 and is working on creating his own urban-inspired online teen clothing store. She also has a tween daughter who began wearing mix-matching shoes since she was 5, plays the violin and alto sax, loves art and has her online store called Awesomesaucenyah at  

To learn about Dr. Yanina's intentional Influential Leadership training, please click HERE.