Feeling Stressed Out Lately?

By A. Yanina Gomez, PhD

Chances are your mind is pretty cluttered and you’re feeling stressed out. Are you thinking about a billion things that need to be done or resolve as you’re trying to fall asleep?

Consider these 2 things before getting up or heading to bed:


Before getting up or heading to bed, take a moment to pray. Prayer often provides a sense of peace as you vocalize and share your worries and needs with God. Each morning, I get on my knees to ask God for his peace, protection and guidance. What’s your spiritual strength? I encourage you to stay connected to your source of light and peace!


A 2015 study found that people in a mindfulness training program improved on sleep, depression, and fatigue. So before you get up or head to bed, I encourage you to take a moment to practice mindfulness meditation.

Need some suggestions?

I’ve got you covered! Click HERE to access free library of audio resources for mindfulness meditation.

I would love to hear how these suggestions are making a difference in your life. Share your story in the comments box below!


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